yard sale

hello. here i am blogging from shawn's front yard. pretty funny i must say.

we're having beautiful weather. highs only in the low 80s, and we're not at the hottest part of the day. so you know if i can stand to be outside it must be nice.

i talked shawn into letting me bring out his computer to blog this experience! haha. we've had 20 customers or so, but haven't sold a whole lot. we've got a taker for his mini sofa and chair if they haven't sold... the guy said he'll come get it tomorrow. so that will be good. i've sold a few of my books, but most of my random stuff had already been taken to the Good Will. Oh well.

There was a water main break nearby. Question: how do they gauge that usage? Is it split among all the people in the line?

Now shawn's telling me something about a south park episode...about Butters deciding to flood the world and take over by turning on the hose in the back yard. And the authorities just turn it off. Oh well. Surely that's not what happened here.

We had chicken for lunch, a nice little picnic under the tree. That was fun. There are some nice trees in the front yard so we've been shaded this whole time. There are cool breezes and the sky is a BEAUTIFUL blue, with a few puffy white clouds sailing along. I'm enjoying the great outdoors...sorta. :)

SO, I'm waiting to go home soon to get my Harry Potter 7. It should be waiting for me, assuming Amazon comes through. We'll see though.

More soon I'm sure, as I'll have thoughts about it and will want to jump into the discussion as everyone else!


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