Getting started with a blog at a Women and the Media conference. So far today I've been in a session about Making the Media Work for Your Organization plus hearing Jill Nelson speak. So far it's been a pretty good day. Last night was Medea Benjamin. I'll probably write more specifics, condense my notes and practice my information/presentation for women in the media class next Tuesday.

This session, How to Build a Blog in 90 Minutes IS having us make a blog, which was unexpected and really cool. It ALSO means we get Internet access, and I could check my e-mail. Good times.

The next session is Housewives, Bitches and Swans: Feminism in Pop Culture. TOO COOL, huh? I'm really hoping that will be cool.

Well everyone is catching up with me so I'd better continue and get in gear so I don't get left behind.



Anonymous said...

They have the COOOOLEST coffee machine, where you put the little tub in, push a button and it automatically brews one cup. And it's GREAT coffee. So even though I'm not getting paid that's a good perk.

Anonymous said...

(laughing out loud almost hysterically about that last post)

I was intending to make fun of your silly pun at the end there, but I didn't even think this thing would let me post, so I forgot all about adding to your quote.

(of course your response is "huh?", and you never even noticed the pun)

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