What I Watch: The Office

The Office hasn't been the same since Steve Carell left, but I still love it because of the Jim and Pam story line. The drama is over there, but I like a happy ending.

I've seen several of the original British "The Office" episodes, but definitely after I had seen the Americanized versions. I probably didn't think it was as funny as it would have been otherwise. I also really like it even though I don't work in an office anymore (and I guess I haven't for much of the run, since I worked from home for several years in there). Especially at the beginning some of the jokes seemed to ring true to life, making them even funnier.

I keep watching this because I'm hooked into the characters' story lines. It's still funny and an OK way to spend 20 minutes. This is its last season though, so hopefully I won't fall into whatever replaces it in the time slot.


Jane and I made it to Oklahoma no problem. We had a tight connection in Dallas, but our flight arrived and then departed from the same gate. I think it was even the same plane! I was worried about our car seat not making it in the 45 minute layover, but of course it did. The strap on the car seat bag broke, which is annoying and hopefully I can replace it -- let me know if you have ideas for that! -- but otherwise it was an uneventful trip. Jane was fairly good. She didn't cry like I thought she might.

Being here so far has been a challenge, since Beth is spending time with her boyfriend, my mom is working today and Shawn is en route to his conference. So I'm basically single parenting in unfamiliar (and not childproofed!) environs. I'm exhausted. Add that to the lingering sickies and I'm not a lot of fun to be around. Poor Jane! (And Gran!)

I put Jane in the play pen so I could knock out this post -- and give myself a rest. She took a good morning nap, but this afternoon was way more interested in watching Owen play than resting. So I'm in for it tonight I know.

Gotta get back to Gran's -- AKA land of no Internet. Makes me wish I had an iPhone so I could DrawSomething from there. Until tomorrow...

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