What I Watch: Major Crimes

There isn't much that I watch on Sundays.We usually DVR 60 Minutes and then don't watch it. We watched The Simpson's "Tree House of Horror" episode, and because of no Showtime we don't watch Dexter anymore. Otherwise, Sunday is a night for catching up on other DVR'ed shows -- or rarely, not watching TV at all. (I almost always have a Law & Order or 10 DVR'ed for situations like that!)

So that leads me to Monday. TNT "knows drama," and all of the shows I watch on the network are their dramas, including Major Crimes, a spin off of The Closer. I didn't watch The Closer from the beginning, but I'm pretty sure it was a show my mom introduced me too -- a theme in my TV watching.

I did watch The Closer re-runs while Jane napped and I was still working earlier this year. There would be one on per day and I would somehow find the time to watch it (on DVR so I didn't have to watch the commercials). It was leading up to the series finale of The Closer, so I wanted to remind myself what was what. That's one thing about TNT shows, they have erratic seasons. I think there was more than a full year between the two halves of The Closer's last season.

The Closer was so good that I didn't mind repeating episodes, and I found there were some I had missed (so I definitely didn't watch from the beginning).

So Major Crimes is a spin off, and I like it ALMOST as much as The Closer (without the Brenda and Fritz dynamic and their secondary storylines it isn't quite the same, nor should it be). It's a "police procedural" in that it's about a crime being solved by the major crimes division of the LAPD. There are also interpersonal dramas going on at the same time to keep it interesting and to provide story arcs from week to week.

My favorite character is Provenza, although his grumpiness has ramped up in the spin off and he's a little less funny.The addition of the Rusty character has been interesting -- and was a specific way to tie the shows together, including leaving the door open for a guest appearance from Kyra Sedgwick later on.

The show isn't on the air right now -- I think it comes back next summer, or something? That's one good thing about the DVR -- it will catch programs you forgot about once they do finally come back on the air. I just hope Major Crimes did well enough ratings-wise to stay on the air for a few more seasons.

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Sydney said...

I was afraid I wouldn't like Major Crimes because The Closer was so good; and spin-offs can be big duds. But not so. I agree with you that Major Crimes is almost as good. I love it and it's one of my favorite shows.

You should watch The Mentalist on Sundays. Plenty of reruns on TNT, maybe every night of the week.

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