What I Watch: Modern Family

Another funny sitcom, and it's very popular/won a lot of awards. It's clever -- about an extended family full of wacky people.

It's got some good writing, and I think my favorite character is Phil. He usually has the funniest lines. Although lately the kid Luke has had some pretty good ones -- that take me a minute to get. He said something about "we already do" after his sister said "someday we'll be using Chinese money." I thought that was pretty funny, especially considering the Luke character is supposed to be a little daft/goofy like his dad.

By zooming through the commercials I can watch an episode in about 20 minutes, so it never feels like enough. Sitcoms seems like they have much less bite or heft to them nowadays. But what do I know?

Because this is on at the same time as another show I DVR I don't get to DVR Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I haven't really watched new episodes of that show religiously in a while, possibly ever. I mostly catch re-runs. BUT season 13 of SVU is airing on USA on Tuesday nights, so I've set my DVR to record those so at least I'm seeing some that were made after Elliot Stabler/Christopher Meloni left -- although I still haven't seen the episode explaining why he left. I LOVE ICE T. He's hands down my favorite part of that show, with Olivia Benson/Mariska Hargitay being a close second.

I guess SVU deserves its own post, but since I already typed it out here (and don't have much to say about Modern Family) I'll leave it. Quality blogging here, I tell you what.

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