How Birthday One Went

Mama fails left and right.

Jane "made" one (thanks KB)

I had wanted to get Jane a helium balloon for her birthday. I went out Wednesday night to get one. I went to two grocery stores before I found out there's a national helium shortage. I know we saw one in the store a couple weeks ago because I remember her looking at it longingly. In the grand scheme, it's no big deal. But I still would have liked to surprise her with a fun balloon on her birthday morning, and this is the only year a big "1" would be appropriate.

Our play date fell through because the museum closed exactly when we planned to meet. (It was OK though because Jane wasn't feeling well and to be honest I don't really have a good mom friend with a kid Jane's age, so it wasn't something I was looking forward to -- but I didn't choose the time/didn't intentionally torpedo the date). 

One thing went relatively "right" in that the Google Plus hangout with family actually WORKED. One aunt joined from work, so she didn't have a mic or camera, but she knew how to use the chat feature and she could see and hear us all. Another aunt joined but didn't know that -- so we just saw a black screen and joked about her watching in the dark (without knowing she could hear us). Hopefully she wasn't too offended. I kept cracking up about it during the webcast. (Shawn's parents webcammed with us earlier in the day since they had scheduling conflicts.)

Jane got way too many toys (we'll have to put up some of her old toys and rotate them out in a few months), and was really happy with all of them. She especially liked this wolf cub from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She's in a stage of cuddling stuffed animals, so she was holding it and patting its back. Very cute.

It was good to get to see my sister, Owen, Gran and aunt all at once -- felt like a technological marvel. I remember being a kid and seeing video phones being used on Good Morning America with Joan Lunden. I love that the technology is advanced enough that even though I don't live near family we can still celebrate Jane's milestones together.

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Sydney said...

And I had no idea this was going to happen. I know it's my fault for not keeping up with emails. And then choosing to do gate at school on Jane's birthday and having a book fair...I'm so sorry I missed it.

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