What I Watch: The Mindy Project

This is a new show this season. I have loved The Office for many seasons, and Mindy Kaling wrote some of my favorite episodes (she also plays Kelly Kapoor). Now she's got her own show, and so far so good.

I was able to read her recent memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and some of the content and jokes are repeated on the show, but it doesn't make them any less funny. I am sure as the show finds its footing she'll keep getting better.

I also listened to an interview on NPR's "Fresh Air," and I liked the way she was approaching her job and long hours that come with it (she's star, writer, director, producer, etc.). She vowed never to talk about how busy she is (because how boring is that?). She may have written about that in her book too, but it's a good drum beat to repeat and let sink in. We're all busy. (Although to be honest I don't feel as busy as I once was, but that might be a product of decreased efficiency in terms of my outputs ... although I know the payoff is coming in 17 years or so, it just doesn't feel as productive in the short-term.)

Anyway, the show is funny. I laugh out loud at least twice every in every show. It's ridiculous and there are time inconsistencies -- but realistically it would hard for there not to be given that she's an OBGYN who also goes out on a lot of dates. I really do like the show and hope it gets picked up for more seasons.

I realize how absolutely ridiculous it is for me to chronicle all these TV shows I watch, and that it seems SO EXCESSIVE. What a waste of time. It really is, but I am not sure how to stop something that's such an engrained habit and feels so good/relaxing to me at the end of the day. Maybe at the end of this month I'll see just how many hours I spend each week in front of the Boob Tube and make changes. But on the surface I'm enjoying this cataloging process and hope it's at least somewhat interesting to someone (voyeurism is so fun!). I also wonder how I stack up to other Americans in terms of how much TV I watch...

Seems like someone needs to do some research ... or at least GTS.

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate link used for the book.

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Sydney said...

I don't know this show. When and what what channel is it on?

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