Traveling Woman

Oh geez. I am the world's worst traveler. Like I mentioned, it's the anticipation that gets me. The packing, the pre-worrying about the lines, missing connections, etc. And I've just had my share of travel ... and it continues! Some samples of recent hiccups:

In the taxi in Miami, en route to the cruise ship. The driver feels the need to tell us that we would have much more fun if we were going with more people on the trip, i.e. take some friends next time. I'm seething, mostly because I don't think that's an appropriate thing for him to say to us. It felt all around rude and judgy. And besides, who takes friends on a honeymoon cruise? ARGH!

Will be mentioned in cruise-related posts, but we had a bit of stress involved in getting on/off the boat and taking part in our excursions. We carefully planned everything in advance only to have times change on some of the excursions and/or the time we were in port be shorter than expected. Basically we missed one (but got a refund) and missed some shopping because I was too stressed to take a chance to walk over to the shopping center before getting in the giant line to re-board the ship.

In the Miami airport, we are five-ish hours early, because Carnival never gave specific information about debarkation or when we could expect to be off the ship. We certainly didn't want to schedule a flight before we could get to the airport, so we had hedged our bets and chosen an early afternoon flight.

As we're checking in, a woman comes up from behind and rolls her GINORMOUS suitcase into my foot and leg. I instinctively scream and she looks at me with disdain and sidles up to her screen without so much of an acknowledgment of what she had done. I'm left with a small scrape on my ankle and a giant bruise on my calf. Charming.

We check in our bag, only to realize that we could have tried for an early flight. If we got on an earlier flight now our bag wouldn't make it until much later, so we'd just be hanging out at the NYC airport instead of the Miami one.

And travel continues -- on Monday I'm taking a trip for job hunting purposes. It was certainly not in my plans, but you never know what's going to be thrown in your path. And I'm going to do my best to stay positive and turn things into a good situation for me. If nothing else, this will be amazing experience and help me become more employable. I can learn from any missteps and practice public speaking (!) and general interview techniques.

I know I prayed for employment, but I forgot to mention that I'd like it to come a couple weeks after we moved so I could get our apartment settled!

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