Techno-Break: Cruising

With this post I've crossed the halfway point to my goal of 300 posts in a year. I should be able to catch up, given diligent blogging about the upcoming move as well as post-wrap up of our cruise. (After a full week of NO computer access, which means I won't type at all ... for the longest break ever for me since ...)

We leave the apartment tomorrow VERY early. Our flight leaves around 7 am, and we will be in Miami by 10. Gives us cushion time for delays, and in any case want to get on the ship around 12:30 or 1. (Leaves around 4.)

I'm not the best traveler. I am OK, in that I can navigate airport terminals, and I'm quick through security and stowing my luggage. But it's the ANTICIPATION of the delays, the hassle, the gretchy feeling that makes me all tense.

I was also a bundle of nerves today because I had two Skype interviews for "perfect-for-me" jobs I may have mentioned before. Very much blessings, and I'm hopeful they will turn into real live job offers. It's not too soon to hope, and I've done all I can at this point -- thank you notes sent, references given, etc. I'll follow up upon my return and even if nothing works out before we move, I'll hope my good luck in landing interviews (and relevant job openings EXISTING) continues.

We're trying to pack this evening. I've put my small rolly suitcase together, and I know we're overthinking everything BUT this is who we are. Will be glad when we make it to the ship with our luggage and can REALLY relax. In the mean time I'll do my best to pre-relax while we pack.

This is our honeymoon, after all, so going into it with all the love and anticipation that should go into that type of vacation.

I painted my toenails (purple, natch) for the first time in ages (maybe over a year?) -- in anticipation of taking pictures of bare feet at all our stops and in various stages of recline on the ship. So you have that to look forward to on my return! Right?

In any case, talk to you then.

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mandy said...

I'm just now reading your blog and love your honesty and introspective writing. Hope you have a GREAT trip! :)

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