Final Saturday in the City

Probably not my last ever, as I intend to revisit this place when I can, but our last as true residents I'm sure. We'll be pulling out of here in the wee hours of next Saturday morning. Blurgh.

We couldn't have had better weather. There was very low humidity and the temps didn't get much higher than 80 F! Shawn woke me up early to tell me about tickets we could get to Race for this week (woo hoo, one last Broadway show!), so I went to the gym and then Morton Williams to stock up on Mud Truck coffee, although I can order it online from Baton Rouge after this stash runs out.

After I had a shower we went to a street festival nearby for lunch -- gotta love that $5 Thai combo special. YUM! Then we walked to the subway ... found the entrance we needed was closed ... and walked on up to 14th Street. The inconvenience was more tolerable because of the stunning weather.

We took the train to Grand Central and walked over to the UN. Despite having liquid (in the form of sunblock and Nalgenes full of water), we were able to get through security, check our bag and go the basement to mail postcards officially from non-U.S. soil. I wish we'd done it sooner because it was certainly an educational thing and probably would have been something our families would have liked. We did not do a tour - just mailed the cards and collected our bag.

We grabbed an M-15 bus; of course it had a broken speaker, so the driver announcing each stop was painful to the ears. We rode to South Ferry, the last stop, and hopped on the free ferry to Governor's Island.

So-Much-FUN. We rented bikes (I'll add pictures soon) and rode around the island, which gives views of the Statue of Liberty, Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Very much worth the cost of the rental, and we got even more exercise to boot!

After returning our bikes and ferrying back to our home island, we walked back through the closing street festival for a necklace that I'd kept thinking about the entire day -- it's a little silver star. And it was still there! Shawn purchased it for me (huzzah, my husband has now bought me jewelry other than my wedding ring!) and we went on for our last sushi dinner at our favorite place.

Super exhausted, we got home and watched Young Frankenstein. It must have been funnier when it first came out! But it was good enough, and now Shawn's juggling, I'm computing and we're both avoiding packing. I think we need to get to it ... maybe tomorrow.

(More likely it will be a Thursday mad dash to get everything packed before the truck loaders show up at noon on Friday ... I certainly hope the weather is like this for that work, because then it would go quickly and painlessly!)

Edit: here's an image of the star necklace!

star necklace

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Anonymous said...

""my husband has now bought me jewelry other than my wedding ring!""

FOR the LOVE (literally this time, I suspect)

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