Righting the Ship

I still haven't figured out the blog's RSS feed -- why it just wasn't working. It is working again for me, but I'm not 100% convinced of its health.

I AM happy that FeedBurner stopped including FriendFeed followers in the subscriber count. 20 is much more realistic than 244 for this piece of internet real estate. (And it's more like 4 people who actually read regularly -- hey-oh!)

Other technical glitches include my regular website and the inability to connect via FTP to my silvermari.com server. The place I host with says the problem can't be theirs, so my next step it to talk to Time Warner. Is it wrong that I want to just wait until I have a different ISP to test the connection? I'm convinced the issue is with the web server, since I can connect to other FTPs without issue. Grrrr. Oh, and I also tried on my work computer ... and was able to connect. So something is fishy. Windows 7 failure? THAT would be my luck I know...

Probably what I should do is switch this blog to be my main page and then drop the web host entirely, just paying for the domain name.

Random: Delivery.com updated its site navigation, so when I ordered Thai last night (I know, bad wife) I failed to check "pay by CC" (I think it used to default to that?) and the delivery guy needed cash. Uh ... Luckily I just called the restaurant and charged the order, but so humiliating ... and still makes me feel yucky. Clearly I have issues...

Got a pair of kicks repaired yesterday -- they had been ripped to shreds on my last visit to Old Town Alexandria. For $15 they've got new heels and should last a while, once I start wearing them regularly (please oh please oh please). Nothing concrete to report on the job hunt ... yet. Being away all next week will probably put a hitch in things BUT we need the vacation more than the possibility of employment. We'll see if I still feel that way in a few weeks when I'm sitting in our new apartment going stir crazy.

Hey, I guess I can always just blog my boredom.

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