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I have major issues with Facebook and its high school mentality, even among adults (a group that I scarily consider myself a part of). Facebook often leaves me feeling bad, even when the negativity is not directed at me. And I'll admit that Facebook also tinges me green. I like being able to keep up with the lives of people who would fade away otherwise, but I hate that I feel jealous and otherwise unworthy, even when I love my life! But this is a different type of ickiness that exists. Me calling it out just puts me in the same awful category, I know. But here goes.

Recently a former "mean girl" from my middle school/high school years posted a couple awful things. First, a cell phone picture of a stranger from behind whom she deemed "too fat to be in public" (who was maybe a size 10 or 12, i.e. much smaller than me, which is part of what irked me I know) and all her friends started commenting in on the body snark ... OF A PERFECT STRANGER! A couple days later she posted an outtake video of a black reporter's stand up in which he complained (vividly) about his situation/location/the bug that flew in his mouth ... and she captioned it "watch this guy go ghetto in 15 seconds" ... what retort is there for either of those?

In the end I clicked "hide" so I don't have to be offended directly any more, although I really should just "unfriend." Hateful, mean and cutting posts do upset me, but then also get me feeling high and mighty about being "better than that," when posting this rant proves that I'm not!!!

I think Shawn has the right idea staying off Facebook entirely.

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Anonymous said...

"""I think Shawn has the right idea staying off Facebook entirely"""

OK, I wanna marry him next (and with the way this country is going, that will be legal before 2020)

(and I don't even like boys in that way!)

It would be nice if you would, um, adopt this aspect of Shawn. For it isn't the particular users, rather it's the medium itself that detracts from its own society.

I CAN appreciate being so far from home, and so far from small-town America, and feeling connected, but it really isn't worth the mental wear and tear.

Just make a dummy Facebook account suitable for browsing, and leave it at that. NOT that I have ever wasted even that much time on it. FTL.

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