Who knew that the <> had a real name? These are things I come across in my regular reading. Random, but the more you know...

For some reason my FeedBurner isn't pinging properly so posts are showing up much delayed -- sometimes as much as 12 hours late -- at least in my reader. So sorry about that. I fiddled with some settings so maybe it will be better.

Skyping an interview went OK. We'll see what comes of it. Don't want to talk too much about it or jinx things. Trying to get lots of things in the works, a la The Five O'Clock Club.

Weird story about an alligator on the LSU campus.

Interesting story about native English speakers' inability to understand passive sentences. Pretty weird, via @GrammarGirl.

My sweet moo nephew wants a Titanic toy for his birthday, but not just any toy. He wants one that floats, but also breaks apart and sinks -- in the exact way the real Titanic broke apart and sank. Oh, and it needs the same number of life boats as the real Titanic had, and its smoke stacks need to make real smoke. It should also come with a small, hard, plastic toy iceberg. Somehow I imagine I'll be letting him down. BUT maybe he's ready for a model kit to build his own, although it wouldn't be bathtub-ready. Hrm.

My summer is slipping away, and I'm OK with that. I'm doing my best not to take city life for granted, but I'm also impatient and ready to get moving. I go to sleep at night thinking about packing and how things will fit together, loading the truck, the drive, etc.

NaBloPoMo isn't something I'm participating in this month, but I really dig their writing prompts. Today's is If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be? Or would you change anything at all? Hard to say, because a change to my BODY wouldn't be for appearance's sake, although it would be nice to not have to work so hard to lose weight.

On that note I need to get out and get moving. Eschewing the gym today for a big walk -- post office, library and then back to rest, trying to head off this summer head cold at the pass. Hope it's all in my mind!

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