If I blogged as much as I THOUGHT about blogging I'd have a robust and constantly updated blog. But when faced with the blinking cursor I'm less inspired.

But since I'm home, on the computer and webcamming I think "i'll just head on over to blog spot and knock out a post." it really is getting to be quantity over quality, but i could beef things up if i took better thought notes. But my internal dialogues are fun for me, and less so in digital print.

I also have several photos to transfer over -- of the time in Danville and of my birthday cards all lined up. My package from my mom came yesterday, chock full of purple goodies. I got to wear a new necklace today!

My purchases from VA are still making me happy. The most comfortable sweat pants/lounge pants ever, a super warm (and super discounted) grey bath robe and a purple cowl neck sweater with mini pockets on the front. Super cute, and even Shawn agrees. And surprisingly those purchases and the Christmas cards (which actually don't seem like something I would pick out ... "season's greetings"?!) fit in my carry on.

Shawn has six things on his Amazon wish list. That cracks me up, and when I said something he said "well i'm not asking for all of them" like i was insinuating he was being greedy. I said he should put more things on it. But I guess it gives the general idea of what he likes. I still struggle to find gifts for him, even though I arguably know him better than anyone. So instead I buy things that I want him to use and go from there. Silly!

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