Christmas music is really the greatest. I've been mostly tapping into my Pandora collection, which means a lot of stuff I haven't heard lately (or at all). I still groove every.single.time to All I Want for Christmas is You (Mariah version only). Unfortunately they don't have the Trisha Christmas album, and somehow that's disappeared from my iTunes, so I need to track it down ... it's on the backup drive (or worst case the CD is in my closet). I definitely love listening to her Reindeer Boogie and other holiday tunes. Homewrecker or not, I love TY.

So I solved my post office dilemma. I asked Shawn to mail the packages ... and he did! (I don't even feel bad, since I picked out, shopped/ordered and wrapped all the gifts we've purchased so far!) Now all our packages are on the way, and I spent less on shipping than last year. Hope that doesn't mean things will arrive late, but probably that I purchased lighter items this year. We'll see how it turns out.

ALSO, on his way back from the post office he picked up a new iPod connector cord for me. What a cutie, and definitely making my life a lot easier!

Christmas cards will go out tomorrow ... I've got to update my spreadsheet to be sure I capture all the new addresses before they're scattered. I've also got one crochet project I want to quickly attempt and carry back with me to OK. We'll see though.

Random: how's this for a question: What would a person who doesn't like you have to say about you/your work professionally?

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