Solo in This City

Back from another day, and this one was much better than yesterday, although still plenty of driving. After a Starbucks treat, I made it to Sawgrass Mills, a GIANT outlet mall near Ft. Lauderdale. I mean GIANT. And so poorly laid out. I like Arundel Mills and Potomac Mills – where things are at least laid out in a circle (i.e. no back tracking required). That’s not the case with this one.

I had a good time shopping, although I wore myself out. Also I am likely overflowing my suitcase, so I had to keep that in mind despite all the shoe stores that beckoned me. I really need a new pair of black pumps, but that will have to wait for NYC or online shopping. (Also, if Dawn reads this or someone who does talks to her let her know: Gap Outlet had beau coups pea coats – the wool, short, double-breasted kind you were talking about – and for ~$30. I have absolutely no way to get one to you if they were even right. But hopefully you’ve already got your hands on one!)

After some small purchases and feeling exhausted, I stopped for lunch, which helped matters tremendously. Then it was on to the beach again. Ft. Lauderdale this time since I was there. Easy parking – plenty right beside the ocean and for $2 I had over an hour to chill out. There are palm trees on this beach, so the afternoon sun created a nice shady spot by the water where I planted myself and took in the aquamarine waves.

I read my book (clearly Stephen King … I think my father-in-law’s spelling has seeped into my brain) and rested up, feeling even better when the meter was up.

I drove back downtown (quite the feat as the sun was sinking and traffic was heavy) and decided instead of going to the hotel I’d try the Bayside Marketplace again, where I’d turned around yesterday after being unable to find parking. This is an open-air market just about 12 blocks from the hotel (too far to walk) but full of restaurants and shops. I didn’t find anything there other than Bayside-specific post cards, but it was a good way to eat up a bit of the evening.

Now here I am, waiting for Shawn to get back from tonight’s sessions. Tomorrow the conference ends at noon SO we’ll be beach bound and can actually rent chairs, maybe an umbrella and chill out together and play in the waves. Should be super fun. We’re back in New York on Friday, and hopefully the weather will be cleared (in NYC I mean) by then. The weather here has been just gorgeous – 85 and sunny (every day except Sunday, which was our other together day). But I’m not complaining. (At least I’m trying not to!)

I think back to the book while I wait for dinner. (This will be posted when I have internet access again … possibly later tonight)

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