Good Grief

First, a positive note. How CUTE are these Crankypants? Featured on Dooce, which I skim in my reader from time to time.

Anyway, that made my day, remembering our Captain Cranky Pants and knowing I'll see him in just over a week.

What didn't make my day was that I realized yesterday that I left something on the plane. It's nothing huge, just my Le Sport Sac pouch that I keep my iPod in. My iPod wasn't in it, but my cord to connect to the computer/charge it and my headphone splitter were. Also my cleaning microfiber cloth and possibly some business cards (meaning a very small chance it could be returned?). I just hate being a DUMMY like that and not checking the seat back pocket. What a maroon!

I e-mailed AA (because their site said talk to LGA and LGA's site said to talk to AA). I was given a lost and found number. I called it, the guy said "hold on, let me check" and I waited. He said he didn't have it, which didn't surprise me. He said it wouldn't turn up, so he didn't take my number or a description or anything. Why isn't this an automated system where the employees can plug it in, so if it turns up in the lost and found, say at the airport the plane went to AFTER LGA, it would ping a match?

It's not like I can't replace the cords. And the little pouch, while special to me and the pattern probably not recoverable, isn't a big deal. It's just a THING. Then why am I so cranky pants about it?

Unfortunately it's not the ONLY thing I'm stressing about. You'd think I'd come home from a vacation all blissed out and relaxed. HA! Not this girl. I'm finishing my Christmas stuff, which while fun is still stressful -- especially knowing I still have to face the post office sometime this week. Maybe I'll do it first thing one day and try to beat the rush. Doubtful.

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Heather said...

My solution to avoiding the post office is having them come to me. You can mail your packages yourself (printing priority mailing labels, etc.) if you have a good idea of how much your package weighs, or use the "doesn't matter what you shove in here, we'll mail it for $__" boxes. Definitely relieves the stress of line standing and less-than-thrilled other customers.

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