Sometimes I get to feeling I am left with the sludge or hard bits to deal with. And I complain or cry.

I bought tickets to broadway shows for family visits. Hair and Billy Elliot. Quite a mess in times square. I don't like crowds. Also my cc was declined because of the gd tests I was doing today for the work site. I have the dough in my acct so the debit card was fine. But I miss out on points. First world woe. Stfu!

Now on the elliptical. Cake (the band) in my ears. Tomorrow is a goodbye party for Shawn and others. In westchester. Starting at 1. They said 4 or 5 originally. Some of us have jobs. I'll just be late.

Nothing has come easy this week. I am short tempered and ... I don't even know the word. Jealous? Lost? Impatient and simultaneously over and underwhelmed.

First world joy: DiNozzo!!!

Also one week to owen's next visit. Amlbo!

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