Easy Shells in Soft Fern Take 2

I wrote about this blanket a few months ago, when I was lamenting the fact that it was just too small. After consulting with Gran I decided to add more border. I'm glad I did. It gave me a chance to try out new stitches and incorporate some pink.

I made a strip -- a chain and then single crochet back, weaved it between some open spaces and double crochets and tacked down the ends near the corners. That way the whole thing can be washed, which might not be the case if I'd used ribbon, which could shrink or otherwise unravel differently than the yarn itself. I'm really happy with how it turned out AND with the addition of the pink I know who is was made for all along -- a baby girl coming in July. Can't wait to get it packaged up and off in the mail.

Nothing quite as satisfying as a completed crochet project. I've got a couple more in progress for two babies due in August. Baby mania!

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