Shopper Weekend

Saturday morning I DID get up and around, dropped my bag at Union Station and went to the National Museum of American History. I saw Julia Child's kitchen, Michelle Obama's inauguration gown and shoes (I think her feet might be as big as mine!), Abraham Lincoln's top hat, the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner and a giant locomotive engine.

I bought some post cards and Julia Child's memoir, My Life in France, which I devoured primarily on the train ride home and finished on Sunday afternoon. I also had to endure a 45 minute conversation w/ a stranger seat mate who exited at Baltimore. He kept talking and wouldn't let me read my book. I KNEW I should have put my headphones on immediately when sitting down. Usually people aren't so ... chatty. I also watched 5 or 6 Daria episodes on the ride, so everything went by really fast.

On Sunday Shawn and I went to brunch, then gym and to a new-to-us theater for Iron Man 2. Across the street is a store Fishs Eddy. It's near our dentist but I'd never gone in. It's a dishware place primarily but also cool little things and it's a wonder everything doesn't get broken because of how narrow the walkways are and how many kids were in there running around piles of dishes that were on the floor!

Anyway, after the movie we went into the store, and I bought some 212 magnets, a Drink NYC tap water T-shirt, a 212 plastic tote and some wine bottle pourers. We would have perused the ABC home store too, but it closed just as we entered. I'll definitely go back because their window displays were great and I could dream about the house will eventually set up!

Ca-ching. I'm going to need a new job to pay for my shopping habit, although I'm much better than I was pre-marriage I'd still need to cut back even further w/o DINK (double income no kids).

To the gym and hopefully home to apply to more jobs, although not sure how much computer screen time I can subject myself to today!

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