Quick Dispatch from the Red Stick

For whatever reason I can't seem to upload images. I only have a few to share. Might be because I'm in the living room of the apartment and the router is in the bedroom so there's not enough connection to upload? Who knows? I'll sort it out later.

Lots of good choices for apartments, but hard to make a decision. Location, amenities and space are our criteria, although not necessarily in that order ... and we're trying to figure out what's most important. Washer and dryer are non-negotiable for us.

The NICEST places we've seen are farther away (but no students, which is the trade off), but they won't know August availability for another month or so, meaning we couldn't square things away on this trip if we chose one of those properties.

Lots of things to think about. But every place we've seen has a pool that's open year round. Whee!

The place we're staying is pretty nice and they have one-bedrooms available. We swam last night under the stars -- really nice. The heat hasn't been unbearable at all, but of course it's only May, so upper 80s with medium-high humidity. Our mettle will really be tested in August, but we're up for it.

Went to the grocery store to get cereal and milk for Shawn. The aisles are so wide and lovely. AND they sell hard liquor in the grocery store! (I took a picture of that.)

Plenty more to report, but almost out of laptop battery and we need to get going today. Possible job interview ... but not sure the interview will happen though because they need someone to start ASAP and I have a definite start time of August at the earliest. But I've got my dress, panty hose, heels and jacket to change into if the interview is on.

Praying for the right work situation to come through for me one way or another.

Plenty more to report, but for now adieu.

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