what i did yesterday (or Mari on a train)

So - I took the train to DC yesterday. It was a last minute thing, and in retrospect I really should stay at least one night, to break up the loooong rides. BUT with my bum knee and the physical issue of carrying a suitcase (even a rolly one) was more than I could handle on short notice, so down and back it was.

When I arrived at Union Station, it was jam packed. I mean JAM packed. Showing how much I know, yesterday was the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, and DC was filled with protesters. I would guess that everyone I saw was a Pro-Life person, judging by their T-shirts, signs, stickers, etc. But maybe the supporters were just gathering elsewhere. They were mostly very young people (and very white). It caught me off guard AND made my taxi ride turn into a 45 minute ordeal - taking 15 minutes to get away from Union Station because of the crowds of oblivious people wandering in and out of traffic.

I didn't twitter at all yesterday, didn't write anything ... not even anything for work, unless you count the few emails I got in before I left (about 1 hour of online work time) or when I was in the office (for about 1.5 hours of online work time). And my knee is hurting more. I need more Motrin, and I am tweaking a muscle in my left leg because of the way I'm hobbling. If it's not one thing, it's 20 others.

At least it's almost the weekend. ONWARD.

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