End of Weekend-itis

USA usually has a marathon of House every Sunday night. This weekend they've got a stupid "Super Bowl withdrawal" movie block. Whatevs. I've already seen almost all the eps anyway. Meh.

Saw Gran Torino this afternoon. Wowza. I mean, I thought I would like it, but something about it... I don't know. Reminds me. I'd recommend it for sure.

The "chew chew" spoon pictured is $17, which cracks me up. It's basically a spoon with a wooden train stuck on the end (and it's "removable" so it really probably is just a hold drilled in the toy for the spoon space). Owen might like it, but it's not worth $17! Plus he's a big boy now!

I'm back into crocheting - started on the first of two "mirror" blankets (the finished blankets will be the same but opposite) for a set of twins coming to one of my friends. I failed on my purple wool hat (bought the yarn at Hobby Lobby and carried it all the way back to NYC ... and it's just not working out) - maybe I'll froggit (i.e. ripp-it, ripp-it).

I haven't finished my book this week - Atonement - because I've seen the movie and know what's coming and it just made me mad in the movie, so I'm sure the same will be true for the book. WHY do I do this to myself? Pick books?! Grrrr.

I guess I'll get back to crocheting. I still have a list of posts to work on, but honestly ... not sure where my heart is.

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