Christmas Gift Joy

Christmas 2008 was good to me!

Pictured at left, I'm enjoying my new TV headphones in the NYC. OH YEAH, thanks to Shawn's mom, Dale, I can now watch TV without disturbing Shawn. A gift that keeps on giving ... to both of us!

At right, a picture of me in the Walkers' basement in Danville as we opened our gifts. I'm holding up another favorite gift from Dale - my projection alarm clock! I got my cousin Matt one last year, and was a little jealous when he was trying it out. But I never got around to buying one for myself. Shawn thinks it's ridiculous BUT I had to throw away my alarm clock because it was right in the bedbug infestation (that's right - they can live inside electronics ... one more TMI thing you didn't want to know about the little critters). And I love being able to push a button and see the time. PLUS it has an inside thermometer, so I can always tell what the temp is in our apartment, something I haven't had the luxury of knowing since I moved here - since my inside thermometer was misplaced in the move. Am I easy to please or what?

Not to be outdone, my mommy got me some great gifts too - including a stocking stuffed "plum full" of goodies. One of my favorite things, which I use every time I go outside, are my mittens. They're mittens that flip back to let your fingers work when you're inside, but flip down over your fingers to keep those digits toasty warm. And they're PURPLE. Does my mama know me? I also got a digital photo/media player that will be excellent once I really get into it. Mama filled it with pictures from Holly's wedding, so I'm thinking I will unload those to my computer and send them to the blushing bride...

I haven't taken pics of the gifts from my mom, mostly because my camera was pointed at the O-man while we were in Oklahoma.

Can you see why? He's just the MOST precious little thing. This is actually his fifth Christmas (and my 29th!). Here he's seen posing with his gift from Uncle Shawn - an educational toy that teaches shapes. It was the first present Owen opened during this round of present opening and he was SO excited about it - saying "Exactly what I wanted!"

Shawn doesn't believe that, but it's TRUE.

PS I'm setting this post to publish automatically in the morning. What, did you think I was an early bird or something? Bish pls.

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JollyHolly2000 said...

I LOVE my projection alarm clock. It projects the inside temperature and the time on to the ceiling. John sort of hates it because the display is really bright but I can't live without knowing what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night. We cover up the overly bright display with something and I gaze up at the ceiling to see the time when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Hope you enjoy it! I'm sure you will.

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