My Stocking Stuffers

I wrote about what I mainly put in Jane's stocking this year, and I wanted to list what I put in my stocking too. I didn't actually fill a stocking, but I put my goodies in a tote bag that has Jane's picture on it. I got a sweet deal from Walgreen's on four of them (so Gingie, Grandma Dale and Shawn also got their own Jane tote!). They're all different, so we won't get confused if we're ever using them together!
  • Jane wall calendar of my favorite month-by-month pictures from last year. (I also gave some of these as gifts.)
  • e.l.f. nails 10-pack of holiday nail polishes -- something I also got for Beth but wanted one for myself. 
  • Kraft paper note cards with a typewriter, hearts and "love" on them. Maybe to use as Valentine's? Got at Homegoods for $2.
  • Couple packs of gum
  • Custom notepad with my name and monogram on the top -- ordered for free/just pay shipping, I think from TinyPrints or another nice online stationery store.
  • A makeup bag from DaySpring -- I'd actually wrapped it for Gran, but I got it back and added it to my goodie bag.
Nothing extravagant, but fun little things I like. I also spent some minor money on myself when I got to go to the outlet mall with my mom and sister this week (new skirt, new jeans and new hoodie sweatshirt -- all together less than $30). Shawn's gift of babysitting the kids so we could have that outing might be my favorite gift of the season! Ha.

Edited to add: also a Chi travel shampoo, conditioner, iron guard and serum pack from Walgreen's, bought on impulse during my flu shot. And I also bought PJ pants and slippers at the outlet mall and probably spent $50 all together on myself. Ugh to looking back at receipts...

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