Monday Morning Quarterbacking

At a church meeting yesterday a woman only a bit older than me came up and said, "Oh, you look good!" It is weird because

1) I do not. I'm heavy, my face was mostly bare and my hair scraped back. I was wearing a sort of flattering black top and jeans, so maybe? and

2) she is highly coifed and put-together at all times: full makeup, always blond, short, stylish hair, so she knows "looking good."

There is the likelihood she's just being nice and it's something she says to everything. I don't have that knee jerk reaction usually. I do compliment people on beautiful clothes or new hair. Meh, I don't know.

I'd like to think that it's because I'm "beyond" appearances or don't pay attention to them and look at the real person, but no. It's mainly that I am oblivious and/or mean.

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Rachael Neilan said...

I have a friend who always comments "I love your hair color!" when I see her about twice a year. I find this comment to be absurd because she clearly dyes her hair (and it looks great) and she, like your friend, is always well put together. My hair is natural, sometimes unruly, and often in a pony tail-- so the 'compliment' almost comes off as an insult because I know it cannot be true. I think some people feel obligated to toss out a compliment whenever they greet someone.

Never the less, maybe you did rock that black top and jeans! And, in all seriousness, I do love your curly hair.

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