Christmas Repackaged

We put away our Christmas tree and decorations this week, after Epiphany marked the end of the season.

I spread out the tree ornaments on the table and took a picture. This is enough to decorate the front half of the tree. I will have more next year because my mom gave me a big box of ornaments. Maybe next year we'll put it in the window and decorate the whole thing (maybe not -- the corner is nice and it looks good against the red walls).

I also got 24 books wrapped for Advent 2015. I love the tradition of opening one book per night, and Jane really does too. We have enough Christmas- and winter-themed books to unwrap two a night I'm sure, but we can just look at the others as we feel like it. Our collection seems to grow every year too, as I usually buy her a new Christmas book or two. I just can't help it! (Or can I???)

I wrap the books in tissue paper, which I buy after Christmas. I don't use scissors, so sometimes the books are sort of wrapped twice. And usually you can see the title through the thin paper. But it's cheaper and less likely to give paper cuts. And 24 presents is a lot to open, even in 24 days!

So now everything's wrapped up, and it fits in two footlockers, three small flat Rubbermaid-style boxes and three bigger Rubbermaid-style boxes -- plus the tree, which is in its own bag. When we're getting it all out it doesn't feel like "enough," but it certainly feels like "too much" when boxing it back up. I still love the idea of special Christmas dishes and mugs, decor in every room of the house, etc. I'm still trying to rage against my natural clutter-y tendencies though and KEEP THINGS SIMPLE! (ha.)

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