Berlin with Baby

Hello from Deutschland!

Shawn had a research opportunity in Berlin this month, so Jane and I came along for the fun. We should be back in the United States by the time this publishes.

During our two week stay I've written at least one blog post per day to document our trip and hopefully provide tips for others thinking of traveling to Berlin with or without a baby. (My vote would be without, but that may be my aching back and legs talking ... more on that later.)

I decided not to publish them/live blog to give me a chance to edit and re-consider the posts ... and so as not to advertise the fact that we're abroad. I know that's patently ridiculous, as everyone who reads my blog actually knows we're away, but I'm still paranoid like that.

In any case there will be loads of new content on the blog for the next two weeks, and I hope it proves useful to someone and entertaining to my friends and family.

Jane on a plane (one of three to get to Berlin)
Jane on a bus (site seeing, but we also took a bus from the airport)
Jane in a subway station (S-Bahn)
Jane on the subway (U-Bahn)
Jane on a boat

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were away - FOR THE LOVE !!!!

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