Berlin with Baby: Hairstyles

Note: This series, Berlin with Baby, is being written in real time to be published upon our return to the United States.


Can you believe this hair? It’s so long and in this sunshine has a real red tint. Shawn and I each have a red-haired parent, so it isn’t unexpected. But I marvel at it every time it makes itself obvious. (This is on a boat tour we did on the Spree River.)


When in Germany, wear braids? I decided to give it a try to see if a) I could get her to sit still long enough and b) if her hair was really long enough for it. Both were tough, but we got a mini braid going. The front part of her hair is still too short to be pulled back except with clips (which are stressful choking hazards … much like the elastic at the end of this braid).

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