I'm on the train to NYC. Acela wifi hasn't done much besides stress me out. I did get to catch up on my non-work blog feeds. I have been WAY off reading my work feeds. A lower priority than production.

I am exhausted -- totally and completely, as always after the big day of events. I'm even more upset because of the phone situation. It's 100% my fault, but dishonest people don't make things easier when I make mistakes like this.

Shawn was able to turn on something called "family map" to see where the phone was. And he could see it was in Arlington, VA. So either a waiter pocketed the phone when clearing the table or (less likely) it fell in the cab (I split the first cab from the auditorium to the hotel, so I had to slide across and had my purse and backpack). The auditorium people said a guest must have taken it (I know they can't actually do anything about the wait staff but it would have been nice to admit it). And would it even be theft if it was just left there? I'm wondering if I can report it stolen. I never would have lost it if I haven't had to tweet about the event. Whatever.

I still have my old phone, and I was actually a better texter on that phone anyway. I didn't lose contacts because they're backed up on the old phone and I have an excel file backup of numbers. Still, I'm just SICK over the carelessness. I like to be together, and so often I am not. Just ... ridiculous.

The wifi is super slow and I'm so hungry. I don't know how long this train ride is but I should probably go look for some food. I am really hating on myself though.

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