Snit Fit

Technology is really killing me. Today my router/modem/something decided to randomly block all access to my work VPN and email server. So for about two hours I was effectively offline and using gmail to work.

And now that the connection is done, whatever the IT guy did when he remotely accessed my system wiped out my Firefox settings. The font looks different (I even reset it and don't know how to get it to look right) and ALL my bookmarks -- pouf, gone. Luckily most of them are on my Firefox on another computer and/or are Google Bookmarks that are not browser-specific, but BIG dud to see my carefully laid out bookmark toolbar wiped out. Slowly rebuilding it, but that's not a big deal BECAUSE I finally got the new work computer I'd been promised for more than half a year and would need to transfer bookmarks anyway.

I turn on said laptop (finally making sense for working remotely, two years later) and see my login name as Mary. I flipped out (I was already dealing with the connection issues and didn't know the problem was in my router/modem yet). I've worked there nearly four years and my name still gets messed up? Pissy pissy pissy!

I spent like 5 minutes with the new computer and was able to reset my name to be Mari. It's still wonky and I'll need to spend time installing some other programs, but I'm much calmer. I need to remember to act with kindness ... snit fits are not at all flattering, trust me. And they get me exactly nowhere.

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