Reviews: Two Memoirs

Prairie Tale: A Memoir Prairie Tale: A Memoir by Melissa Gilbert
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I bought this at The Strand - the newly released paperback version. Never heard about it when it was first released. It's interesting because she's a celebrity, but not very well written -- some weird errors/inconsistencies in how names are spelled. And I kept wanting Rob Lowe to show up again at the end. I really wanted her to end up with her first boyfriend. Other things were glossed over, and I hated that she didn't even mention her sister Sara's success, or explain why Sara used her last name, although they are sisters via their mother. It was a ridiculously fast read because it is written at a low level, but I liked it enough and it was probably better than reading a gossip mag, since it was likely mostly true, at least as true as her memory could produce.

House Rules House Rules by Rachel Sontag
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Another day, another memoir. This girl's life was awful, in the psychological torment she endured by her dad and the impact of her weak mom staying with him. I kept hoping for it to get better, as in, she would break through and find a way to fully be free of him. And while she's estranged from her dad at the end (and therefore pretty much from her mom), it didn't seem very hopeful or happy. There wasn't really a message within the book, or a lesson to be learned. That made me think "I could do this," (meaning write a memoir, not be estranged from my family) BUT I'm not sure my family life/growing up story is as interesting ... or that I would be able to publicly air it like Rachel does. I am interested in what happened after the book was published. If her dad exploded or if it's just continued to keep the rift between them growing wider. The author lives in NYC.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, me gets the feeling that Sara Gilbert's family might not be entirely in agreement with her sexuality, or something along those lines. (I am only speculating)

Mari said...

I didn't even think about Sara Gilbert's sexuality when reading Melissa Gilbert's memoir. I just thought she should have mentioned that her little sister was also a successful actor. But she basically wasn't a character in the book or really mentioned beyond a few passing "I love my sister"-s.

Mari said...

Ah, re-reading this comment I get what was initially meant - maybe that's why Sara was left out of Melissa's autobiography. So weird.

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