A Violet Affair

The NYU Women's Basketball team didn't do as well as we hoped in the season, although I'm sure they're feeling it too. Anyway, they didn't make it in the NCAA D3 tournament and so are playing in some type of local tournament? They're seeded 6th, but will play in the championship game tomorrow. We went to the semi-final tonight because it was local -- in Hoboken, just a Path train ride away.

Getting there was easy ... empty car on the train that showed up right as we swiped our Metro cards. Finding the gym was a little trickier, but we had plenty of time and the 20-ish minute walk wasn't bad -- especially with views of the skyline across the Hudson. I don't think I'll ever tire of looking at that!

The game itself was a winner. The gym was quiet ... and actually smaller than the gym in Indiahoma, OK, where we played our knees out on the ridiculous cement-based floor. It was a neutral site, in that the other team was from a different school too. And there weren't too many fans. We were close up to the action and could actually hear the players talking to each other on the court, which was odd. NYU's gym isn't huge, but we sit near the back so we definitely are removed from the players! (I sometimes wonder if they recognize us like we recognize them ... like seeing them in the gym where some of them work, or if they even care about having fans/a following.)

We cheered with the best of them and the team pulled out a victory. BUT one of the team members wasn't suited up. And I can't figure out what happened to her/how she was injured (odd since I read all the summaries). AND another player wasn't there at all -- someone who had been doing really well. I can't find any news about that either. All I can think of is she is either sick or got kicked off the team, although that seems like even the bad student journalists at the NYU publications would figure that out and write about it. One would think.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up and apparently Hoboken celebrates all month long. It's been a while since I've seen so many drunk people all together. It was disconcerting, felt unsafe and awful. I'm not sure I'd ever be happy doing that, even though it's what you're supposed to do as a young, hip person. I'll just cling to my youth while I can. In the midst of green-clad kids we waited for the train back, ended up on the wrong platform because of poor signage and had to cross over. Got on the train, were very crowded by the people, but finally made it home.

An unexpected date night, and not really a "New Yorker" thing to do. But it was fun.

Go Violets!

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Anonymous said...

You were in Hoboken, for the love!!!

(what-did-you-expect tone)

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