I realize now that I am way TMI with some of the things I tell coworkers. And yet I'm stifled in others (not by my own choosing). Will be glad when this is behind me and my message is no longer controlled by others.

Ever heard of Walker Coon Hounds? I hadn't until Shawn's buddy suggested we get one. Oh brother. Puppies are cute though.

Shawn is activating my new SIM card to use in my old phone and de-activating the SIM card that's in the lost/stolen phone. I'm not sure if it was just lost in the dishes when the table was cleared or if someone picked it up and didn't turn it in to lost and found. I didn't have an "ICE" (in case of emergency) contact ... and the only number labeled other than a name is "WORK" ... so if it is ever found maybe someone will call work. Dummie returns, and I'm going to put it behind me. Things fade with time so this will be less awful later.

Another lovely mental break down is that I forgot the cord for my work laptop in the office. Thankfully the cord to my personal laptop fits/works (Dell to Dell compatibility for the win), but I still hope they'll send it to me. I couldn't get confirmation that it was even still there. Guess it's a big pain to walk into a room and look on the floor. Geez, could I be any crankier?

Likely if I don't get something to eat soon.

The last time I was this stressed and forgetful was during CNS -- I left my entire purse on the shuttle bus to the car. I remember chasing the bus all around Annapolis until it got to the depot. I did get my purse back then, but it was an ordeal. I guess being flaky isn't an exception ... just part of my nature and I'm not as together as I'd like to think. Wah.

End of broken record.

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