Welcome to Cheesies: Easter Reflections

Here's a picture of Owen - 4.75 years old - wearing a headset Beth bought at a garage sale for a dime (!) - hours of fun ... "Welcome to Cheesies, can I take your order?" We had a lot of fun playing with it. (He made up the Cheesies' restaurant - not a real place I know of ... everything is $1, except it's $5 to take a picture of the proprietor...and isn't the photo priceless?)

The trip was WAY too short, and the travel way too exhausting. I'm coming down with my typical cold I think - or at least a sore throat, possibly allergy-related. But it's all worth it even for a little bit of time with the coolest kid on the planet.

Easter service at church was great. The choir did a cantata and the music mixed with the Bible reading was awesome. After church we had Easter lunch (ham, scalloped potatoes, salad, pea salad, deviled eggs, etc.) and then birthday cake - Gran celebrated a birthday last week, which was the "true" reason for my visit. The only dud thing was that Shawn didn't come with me. Otherwise all family was accounted for. In addition to a lot of time playing outside, Owen and I had a couple rounds of dominoes - Owen really loves the set that Shawn's mom gave him for our wedding. Good buy!

I'm almost ready for another trip tomorrow - to work. Going to be in the office for a meeting - the first time since I have moved away. I am also scoping out a swank hotel in old town. So should be nice. I'll be back Thursday, so just a quick trip. It will be exhausting though. BUT because my laptop is busted and I haven't replaced or repaired it, my luggage will be considerably lighter. HA!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Uh oh... is he really 4.75 years old???

I've been tuning in to your various web addys that whole time.

Where does the time go???

All of a sudden even I feel kinda sad that so much of his life has gone past with you so far away.

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