Fresh Face

Last night Owen typed me a message and Beth moved the camera so I could see him working away. OMG - how cute is this? Great that Skype allows a video capture like that. I have a weird green line that appears down the middle of the picture in the live feed, but clearly it's a glitch since the right-colored pixels are there somehow since the snap shots come out ok. Anyway. Love this Bubba! He's been on green all week. Keep up the good work!!!

I am enjoying Pandora - how have I not used this before? I used Yahoo! Music before it folded (at least I assume it folded) - and rated more than 10,000 songs - I heard all my favorites whenever I wanted. Loved it. This Pandora is sort of the same, except it's more genre based. I put in Trisha Yearwood and now I'm listening to country music that's LIKE her - i.e. everything I like in country music and so far (about 2 hours in) nothing that I don't like. I had some monotonous tasks to do so I wanted some music but couldn't face the idea of my own tunes (which, to be honest, includes a lot of what Pandora has been playing me today BUT in a fresh new mix I guess, adding in some things I love but don't own).

Yesterday my back started to hurt - so much that I was near tears and could hardly walk. I had a chiropractor appointment anyway so I struggled to it. She spent more time on me and I'm going back next week - it's feeling much better today, so hopefully it was just the stress of no caffeine and the power walk back from the doctor. But geez, it's like my body is rebelling against me. I hope it keeps loosening up and feeling OK as the day goes on.

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