Hair Raising!

In my spare time (I know, I know), I watched a couple blow drying videos. It stems from my obsession with hair products, which has really petered out since marriage - just that I'm keeping myself more in check and not being so frivolous with my cash, seeing as how it's now OUR cash. But it made me want to show an evolution from air dried hair (slept on) and flat ironed... Results:

Fluffy? Why yes. (A little gel/cream before I go to bed would smooth this out into more ringlet-y curls)

Halfway there - left side of my head is flat ironed.

Voila! Fully straight... Well, at least good enough for government work. I put in my contacts for the last picture, but all are sans make up. EGADS!

Happy Wednesday, aka Webcamming with O night!!!

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