Inside the Madness

It's a mad, mad world. Can't deny it. Watching Fringe last night saw the last 5 minute/overrun of American Idol, a show with which I am not acquainted and don't care to be. Anyway, a digression brought about by the word "mad."

So at work we have to fill out a form to request leave (a new development - before this it was always an informal agreement w/ the supervisor). That's good I guess, but yesterday when getting my metal removed I had to make a return appointment. Since the appointment is in one week, it's impractical for me to snail mail a form requesting the 45 minutes off that I'll need to go pick up the new retainer. So I checked and a scanned copy is acceptable. Great.

I haven't used my scanner since the bedbugs, but it's right here by my desk and shouldn't be a problem. WRONG. For some reason it doesn't connect with the already installed software, so I need the disc to reinstall. I search everywhere EASY I think it might be. Then I realize most of the CDs are in the bottom of a trunk at the bottom of my closet.

Yep, I spent a good 30 minutes of work time pulling stuff out (while cursing the bedbugs that caused everything to be so tightly packed away) so I could get the scanner CD and scan this form for 45 minutes off. Real ironic.

But the WORST part is that the CD wasn't there with all the others (HP reinstall CDs for my laptop, CD for Microsoft products I got at OSU, etc.). That's when I remembered - I was so smart that I put the CD itself into the scanner where it would always be easily findable.

I like to think of myself as competent and together. Clearly that is not the case.

*Edit - As a salaried employee, I actually do work longer than the prescribed hours, so my 30 minutes of closet diving won't really affect things. (Wouldn't want people to think I'm a slacker!)

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