sluggiest tuesday ever

Bad things that I've done/have happened SO FAR today:
  • Awoken to intercom buzzer after Shawn has left for work (I know I should have better sleeping habits and be up-and-at-em earlier) - it's the window repair guy, sent to fix the window that's been broken as long as Shawn has lived here and that he reported at that time. No notice that someone was going to come fix it - let alone first thing in the morning.
  • I welcome this workman stranger into my home while wearing PJ's and a hastily thrown on sweatshirt to save face (or save something else, if you know what I mean)
  • It takes TWO HOURS to fix the window - which involves breaking the window entirely, leaving it effectively open for 1.5 hours (brrr ... and did I mention I was still in my PJ's? hard to get dressed when you live in one room and there's a stranger IN that one room), and an overwhelming chemical smell that he said was the silicon/caulking stuff.
  • Two work things that made me want to crawl into a hole - one just a circumstance and the other totally my fault - nothing bad will happen but I just hate it.
So it has been a bad, bad day. I need to go out to the post office and mail off some birthday gifts to my Feb. 23 birthday girls. Really all I want to do is turn out the lights, crawl under the covers and wait until it's Wednesday, which will hopefully be better. Right? Right? Right?

[In the grand scheme of things, I DO know these are petty, stupid complaints but it's been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day for me]

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