Sitting in the apartment/office/home/whatever - and am suddenly overwhelmed by a metallic smell. I've smelled it at least once before - either this week or last - and thought nothing of it. But now my Scooby senses are tingling (that's a thing, right?).

Yesterday I went to mail my valentine cards and man got on the elevator on the 4th floor - he was a worker I didn't recognize and had on a white Hazmat-type suit, plus booties over his shoes and a mask. I saw another similarly suited dude at the service entrance to our building when I walked past... I didn't have the nerve to ask them or the doorman what was going on. BUT ...

All I can think is bedbugs on the fourth floor. AND now that I can smell this metallicy awful smell - with the knowledge of the suited workers - I am guessing that the apartment directly beneath ours is being sprayed for bugs, which means, of course, that the bugs that were in our apartment have migrated down. Perhaps this could have been prevented if the apartment below ours had been informed of OUR spraying?

Whatever the case, I find myself more and more disgusted with our building management and the utter disregard for tenants' safety and general well-being. I've been feeling massively depressed for a few days and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the chemicals are leeching into my system and making me even sadder then I might normally be. I should get out more, but I've known that for a while.

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