Have been meaning to do a brain dump. I used to write long updates about my life, what I'd been doing, etc. and send them to people from all aspects of my life (lives perhaps) - but I haven't done that since well before I moved to NYC. Maybe I'm not doing anything? Maybe I let blogging serve as the de facto outlet for such writing? But some people who received the "Mari's So-Called Life" e-mails don't read my blog (or don't have e-mail - my mom printed copies for some of the folks at church).

On the home front, we've been slowly re-setting our apartment for comfort. We finally purchased a new comforter (try sleeping with a throw every night when the temps drop well below freezing) - it's an overpriced thing from the Manhattan K-Mart. But it's sufficient. We also trekked to Ikea last weekend and got a Poang chair. It's black framed with a black cushion. It's a glorified lawn chair, I know, but we got the cheapest model/combination that wasn't hideous, and I've finally got a place to sit besides the bed (Shawn doesn't mind sitting in the office chair, but after sitting in it all day every day, I like a little change of pace for my TV watching and crocheting).

Speaking of TV, I have fallen in love with Friday Night Lights. I mean IN LOVE. It's horrifying actually how much I like this show - it could be on par with my love affair with My So-Called Life. If not, definitely like it as much or more than Felicity. FNL reminds me of the good parts of home and my high school life - athletics, crushes and such. Plus the accents just wrap around my heart. Not sure they're entirely accurate, but maybe someday I'll find out. Keep dreaming.

I've got three big work projects. I could write a lot about work, but I won't.

I don't think the heat is working in our building - or something. I've got the windows closed and it's FREEZING. Generally I have to keep the windows cracked to let out some of the oppressive heat from the radiator - if that's even what it is. Meh.

Tired of writing snippets all day so going to change the time and publish. Grrr.

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