Five Simple Things I Like

A post today on Productivity 501 has got me thinking - what are five simple things that I like? And to be honest, this is kind of hard. Not because I want expensive, extravagant or luxury things (give me a bedbug-free life and I'd think I was a queen), but because I am so negative these days. Like wading through murk of my own making - or something like that.

1. Webcamming with Owen - did this last night and we had fun stealing each other's noses through the Internet. He was too cute eating his cookies - but he couldn't share, since I'm "just on the computer, silly."

2. In the spirit of Valentine's, a smooch from Dr. Walker (and we're talking my husband, not my undergrad English professor who gave me the only B of my OSU career - let's talk irony - but that's another post entirely)

3. A completed crochet project. There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a blanket, especially for a baby, and knowing all the time, love and energy that went into it.

4. Hot black coffee. I have been remiss and not making myself java lately - and I miss it. The dark bitter taste and smooth richness going down my throat.

5. A piece of white page and a freshly sharpened pencil (or full fountain pen). Sure typing and blogging is fun, but there's something comforting and nostalgic about writing in long hand. I take notes and scribble here and here, but I do still make time to write in a regular journal, although they take me longer to finish each book since I supplement with electronic musings. In fact, I finished a beautiful leather-bound book last week - chronicled just under 3 years of my life and was a Valentine's present from Shawn in 2006. I also love a stack of notebook paper - that gave me a thrill even in high school, trying to write stories or notes to the boyfriend.

So I guess it doesn't take much - and this was a good exercise (and my list is confirmed by the fact that the five things - Owen, Shawn, Crochet, Coffee and Writing - are already tags for posts on this blog). You should make a list of five simple things you like too!

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