whether, weather?

I guess this is what you'd call a Nor'easter. Blugh.

Snow started this morning - snowed all through the day then turned into sleet. Major airline delays. Our flight is scheduled for tomorrow at about 11 am. It's a direct flight to Raleigh, but then another hour plus drive to Danville.

US Airways will allow us to change our plans BUT the flight has to be taken within seven days of the original travel (i.e. would have to be by next Saturday) - and that's not really happening. Maybe I'm misunderstanding their rules, but that's how it seemed.

If US Airways would just give us a credit to use on our next flight, we could just get Amtrak tickets and be directly in Danville in about 9 hours - not bad, especially when considering delays and other nonsense could have us at the airport at least that long ... perish the thought.

But who knows - maybe we'll wake up tomorrow and it won't be so bad ??? Somehow I doubt my luck would be that good.

WHAT IS IT NEW YORK?!?!?! Do you want me gone or are you trying to trap me here?

My to-do list in preparing for the trip, one way or another we'll get out of here.
  • Sew button on coat (that's right, a button fell off the other day - am I cursed, unlucky or just really ... I don't even know the right word?!) - done
  • Pack toiletries and make up - including the 3-1-1 airline regulation baggie (ugh) - done
  • Pack USB stick for work - in progress
  • Load iPod with latest podcasts - done
  • Find backpack (done - woo hoo!) and pack it as carry on (in lieu of purse and with my laptop bag stuffed inside it) - backpack will make trudging with laptop MUCH easier - plus I've got my new Samsonite rolling suitcase carry on, so I'll be within the 2-item limit if we fly. Huzzah! - few last minute things to add
  • Get cash
  • Light cleaning
  • Put away Christmas decorations (semi-done)
I've done most everything - still have to venture out for cash. We need something to eat tonight too. This weather is so depressing to me. It's cold and nasty and just UGH. Nothing seems to be going right, and I can't do anything quite right workwise, lifewise or otherwise.

BAH HUMBUG has been my battle cry today - I hope this weekend it is better.


Photo from Flickr - peterjr1961

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