goodbye to the old

today is new year's eve! huzzah.

we have mini plans - going to hang out with Gran a bit - go to the church festivities, then my dad's band is playing in medicine park (where uncle shawn and i had our mini honeymoon stay in a cabin) so we'll go to that - then back to beth-a-roo's for some mac & cheese (homemade) and chicken bites (via walmart - prepurchased) and maybe a drink or two and a movie before ringing in 2009. placing bets on whether o-man will stay awake? safe money's on YES. he's quite the night owl.

los tres amigos today - the place where uncle shawn got cheese sauce dumped on his head the first dinner out with my family ... didn't scare him away though! (this was pre-pre-engagement) - then wayne's for a vanilla diet coke - a lawton-only restaurant similar to sonic, only different. nom nom nom.

missing my new year's kiss, but i guess i'll get that on jan. 4 in the evening once i make it back to bed bug city. YIPE!

~marilyn jean...

PS - Rumor dispelled: I am NOT pregnant, despite rumors to the contrary (that's right - someone told me they'd heard from someone at church that i was expecting ... uh, news to me)..

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