technical difficulties

Currently I cannot reply to emails in my work inbox, but I can read them, so that's something. I don't know if it's IE that's acting up or what. I can reply to things in Firefox, but Outlook/MS Exchange e-mail HATES Firefox, as in, doesn't display properly, you can't preview messages (or I don't know how to configure preview), etc. etc.

This morning, into the afternoon, I spent more than three hours on the phone with an IT guy from work - we don't have an on-staff IT support person, but we do outsource that. Anyway, he had to remote in to my computer, meaning he was working on my computer and I could not. NICE. If there had been deadlines or something I could have figured out something else, but as it was, it kept being "only a few more minutes" or "let me try one more thing."

In the end, the problem isn't fixed. They're sending out a tech tomorrow afternoon (the IT firm has an NYC office, which is lucky).

Back from the whirlwind trip to DC and back - we had the holiday party and a gift swap. Here's what I ended up with - a $35 glass candle holder. Um, the limit was $10 - I took a $9 picture frame that I bought in Austin (that many people loved).

For my coworkers I created little gifts - magnets! Based on this tutorial at Not Martha, I made 23 small tins of magnets, using CHEAPIE CHEAP stuff, and they turned out so freaking cute. I think my favorite was an image of the Capitol dome in moonlight.

Speaking of Christmas, I still have a bit of holiday shopping to do. Was looking at my list, and I've done PRETTY good, but not completely finished. Hope to be able to go shopping this weekend and finish off the list. Not sure what "good" gift to get Shawn. We originally were going to get each other Ikea chairs - but we don't think our apartment/life will be back to normal any time soon, so that idea is toast.

Ah, and ideas for me - I will be updating my Amazon wish list. OK, in updating this it's a little depressing to look at my "recommendations" from Amazon - so much about bedbugs, because I bought our AllerZip bedbug proof mattress and box spring covers from Amazon.

Starting on dinner. I don't think I'll ever post as much as I did in November (although it was fun, I didn't even win any prizes from the NaBloPoMo Ning group), but will strive to put something up about my day during the week.


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