DANVILLE, Va.--I was supposed to be working in my in-laws' basement. But, of course, with my previously mentioned country-song luck, the internet at their house is on the fritz - and I've been forced to seek wifi elsewhere.

First I spent a couple hours at Starbucks - about 15 minutes from their house. These southern people are SERIOUSLY nice. I can't remember hearing baristas be that nice - I guess the grumpy stereotype doesn't always have to be true!

Then Shawn brought me to the Mount Hermon Public Library - a branch near their home - that has wifi. It's pretty quiet. There's no table, so I'm sitting in a "comfy" chair with my laptop heating my legs to about 300 degrees (I'm known to exaggerate of course). And of course the system keeps bumping me off and requiring re-logging in. And usually when I'm in the middle of something - not sure if I hit a wrong key to refresh it or what. It's a totally insecure network anyway and if I had any skills I could access it without the login. But whatever.

But I'm sitting here - listening to some Christmas music and my view is of their wall of DVDs - they've got some good/new ones - Baby Mama, Wall-E, Forbidden Kingdom, Battlestar Gallactica, Veronica Mars, Heroes, Coupling (!), etc., etc. Wishing I had such a branch library near me - behind me is a rack of latest magazines - I would love to spend a few hours perusing the women's magazines. Something about those ... I just adore them!

A lot of things going on today at work, and I'm envisioning some work falling on me tomorrow (not a problem if I have internet access at the inlaws' - although I cannot and will not stay online all day - and I won't make the trek around the city of Danville to find free wifi) - and I worked this weekend - probably about 45 minutes of work total. Not exactly my idea for a fun Saturday break, but whatever.

Gonna stop diverting even bits of attention to this - have been writing this for a long while, a few sentences at a time. Am ready for 5:30... We have our Evans family christmas party at 6. OIY!

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