funky, funky christmas

right - just looked at Amazon to see if i might want to get a new christmas album download (i put several on my wish list, but i wouldn't get to enjoy them until next christmas, but i digress)... i checked out NKOTB's ... and it wasn't as special as i remember.

in the old fashioned bedroom, the three girl cousins sleeping together, with a small tape player and the NKOTB tape being worn out from so much use. i may be melding memories together, but i remember trying to convince Lisa to stay up all night so we could prove there wasn't a santa claus (she believed, i did not). i remember the NKOTB tape and giggles. we fell asleep i know for sure - because i never proved his non-existence (but neither did she prove his existence).

about to head to Shawn's office party. i am having writer's block on the annual report sections i'm working on, so hope to come back with a clear head and give another stab...

in other gretching news - my $400 Prada glasses are cracking the lenses again. so i'll have to go back to Lenscrafters and pick out a different frame. i'm thinking plastic and sturdy. blurgh. also, the contact prescription the doctor gave me has got to be incorrect, as i can't see ANYTHING when i put them on. so right now i'm rocking old lenses (old prescription, not physically old or funky ... not that type of funky xmas), and i can see somewhat OK, but i wouldn't want to drive like this.

i hope 2009 proves to be less horrific for me, although 2008 was my wedding year for crying out loud.


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