Smithsonian Museum Day

Museum Day 2008 was yesterday, and Shawn and I participated by going to the Museum of the City of New York for free (suggested donation $9, although I don't think it was worth that much). Lovely.

It was a long ride on the 6 up to 103rd and 5th. We had lunch at a tiny Mexican place that had semi-good food. Nothing to write home about though. And I spilled beans on my white shirt - typical Mari-ness. It should come out though.

The museum was good. Interesting special exhibit about New Yorkers and the presidential campaigns, and my favorite was the video about the history of New York - from the famous $24 real estate transaction with the Indians to the 9/11 changes and how the city is still changing. There was also a section about Broadway, and specifically all the Broadway shows that have been about New York (Barefoot in the Park, West Side Story, Rent, etc.)...

In the campaign exhibit they had cardboard cut outs of the campaigns - and Shawn wanted his picture with Hillary. So here's that:

I only chanced one (so no pic of me with Obama or McCain) - because w/o the flash the pictures were worthless and I wasn't sure if we were allowed to be photographing the exhibits. Meh.

This museum is also free admission with your City Sights NYC tour bus - so I guess if you're here you could go to this. But I think the art museums are a better use of time if one is only here for a short visit... Me, I've got the time.


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