I WANT: Cards For A Year from Violet

Cards For A Year - Violet. | Cool Gifts. | Brilliant Consequences.: "Cards For A Year
$60 (sku AB020320)

Fortify them with all the cards they'll need for the next 12 months:

6 Birthday Cards
2 Congratulations Cards
2 Valentine's Day Cards
6 Thank You Cards
2 Mother's Day Cards
2 Father's Day Cards
2 Sympathy Cards
2 Anniversary Cards
2 Get Well
6 Holiday Cards
4 New Years Cards
4 Blank Cards

This boxed set contains 40 cards and 42 envelopes. Each card is imprinted with an icon; text inside the card states the occasion. For the person who likes to stay in touch, we can't imagine a more thoughtful gift.

Details: Boxed set of 40 cards and 42 envelopes.
Materials: Heavy white cardstock.
Dimensions: 4 inches W x 5.5 inches H."

Too bad they're out of stock... But there are many other cute things on this site... wish I could be notified when it came back IN stock. I swear I spent more than $60 per year on cards, and usually they aren't as nice as these are...

*SIGH* ~m.

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