Blog to the Future: Triangles

So I've been blogging since April 1998. I hand coded a self-journal and posted it on free Tripod space. I posted my teen-angst and had a few "Dreambook" comments ... I have decided to my first blog entry, written before I knew what blogging was. Too bad I didn't post in April, to mark my 10 year blog-a-versary. Too bad.

Oh to be seventeen and in lust. (Although 27 and in LOVE is so much better, I'm giddy just thinking about it):
April 9, 1998
In geometry, we are learning to find the areas, angles, sides, etc. of triangles (as well as other figures, but I'm focusing on the "tri" today). I am also involved in a triangle in my everyday life too. It's a long, drawn out story...It is a b*tch and I'm struggling to make the best of it. My feelings have changed in the past few days about the whole thing, which consists basically of me, a guy, and his ex-girlfriend who I've known for like ever. He and she are still flirting, or whatever. We (the guy and me) have gone out a couple of times, but I don't lay any claim on him. It's just that they're both so hard to figure out! I wish someone would just explain to me what is going on and fix it...Either make me not care at all or have him choose me to like best. (Right now I'm in an obvious second place and falling fast) He and I are going to prom though. I don't want to be in a heavy relationship with him, I just want to hang out and basically be his friend...I'm ready for prom to be over. The planning is killing me and I never talk to the guy about it. I've seriously got to get some self confidence. Well, my fingers may fall off soon and I don't want to tell everything in a day. Believe me there is so much more to tell... I'll add updates about prom as they become available.

OK, I had to edit it a little. Who knew I was so OPEN as a 17 year old? Hrm. Anyone who knew me as a teenager would know to whom I'm referring in the Triangle. Throughout the posts I kept that year and through the last year of high school I gave them fake names (Ben and Cinderella I think). I think that's enough nostalgia though and I'll press forward

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